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Fishing in the Quirimbas at Azura Quilalea

Azura Quilalea Fishing

The ocean waters off Quilalea contain spectacular drop-offs and currents, therefore offering some of the best big game, bill and saltwater fishing in Mozambique, if not Africa. The island falls into the well-known Marine Sanctuary where a limited amount of shore-based fishing is allowed - it is monitored and restricted and is always on a catch and release basis.

Fishing in the Quirimba’s is an absolute delight for most fishermen. Big game anglers and fly-fishermen are attracted to the abundance and variety of species already seen and hooked in this area. Techniques such as trolling and fly have yielded much success with a selection of species such as Kingfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Queen Mackerel, Queen fish, Dorado and Barracuda. Regular Sailfish sightings off the eastern side of the island with catches over 20kg have been recorded on many occasions!

Download Azura Quilalea Fishing Rates.

River estuary fishing has so much potential in this area thanks to the numerous river mouths present within close boating distance to Quilalea Island.

Angling at Azura Quilalea is excellent in these waters year round, with much sought after Sailfish, Wahoo and Tuna always prevalent. Some species of fish are more prolific at certain times, depending on the wind. Fishing in the Quirimbas Archipelago should be booked well in advance to avoid disappointment.

Azura has a fully-equipped fishing boat with local experienced guides and a range of professional tackle for both beginners and true enthusiasts. Tag and release policies apply strictly on any protected species.

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